"I am women everywhere" Social Media Challenge

The “I am women everywhere” campaign is all about celebrating the women in our communities who walk, hike, bike, move, mother, wife, friend –all of the above and more. It’s about honoring the diversity of women...everywhere. We honor our uniqueness, celebrate our shared experiences and uplift each other as women. Whether on the trail, at home, or in the office we have the capacity to move mountains. We are strong and resilient, we are gentle and compassionate, we are life-givers and protectors…. We are women!

Participate by tagging us @outdoorjournaltour and using the #iamwomeneverywhere hashtag on your posts

Here is what you can expect:

Nov. 30 – Admiration: Post a photo of a women you admire and share why

Dec. 1 – #Selfielove: Post the last selfie you took and share your favorite thing about yourself

Dec. 2 – Honor our differences: Post a photo of a woman in your community of a different ethnicity, religion or generation and share something about them that inspires you. 

Dec. 3 – Women in charge: Post a quote from a female CEO/Councilwoman/Governor/Mayor/ Senator/Athlete/Entertainer in your city/town/state that you admire and respect. Take it a step further, how can you support her?

Dec. 4 – Random acts of kindness: scroll through your IG feed or Explore page and find 5 women’s posts to love on with thoughtful comments