#wehiketoheal@home || Home Journaling System


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    More about #wehiketoheal@home....

    #wehiketoheal@home journaling and wellness system is the result of over 5 months of curation and development. In an effort to mirror our in-person Outdoor Journal Tour experiences, we have created a home wellness kit for “women everywhere.”

    Listen, we know how stressful COVID-19 has been on all of us, and we are missing our group hikes something serious, so we are bringing a little bit of this community to your doorstep. The #wehiketoheal@home journaling system was created to help ease the sting of quarantine, by providing you with a fun and engaging self-care option.

    Our #wehiketoheal@home boxes are designed with you in mind and available in three different paths.

    • Kindness + Compassion
    • Dream + Do
    • Courage + Adventure

    (There will be a quick quiz on the site that will help determine which system is right for you! 😊)

    Each path comes with a different journal, set of thought-full cards, candles/essential oils, and journaling prompts. This feature will help you have a unique healing experience designed just for you. The colors, scents, and prompts have been chosen to help create a personal development journey as special as you are. 

    WHTH@home boxes will be available to the general public on Monday, August 3rd.